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Rose Broke Her Finger

April 27th, 2006 at 11:39 pm

Or more accurately had her finger broken by a boy at school. Not on purpose or anything, just horseplay at recess. We were able to get a late night appointment at the after hours pediatric clinic her pediatrician's group has, and the x-rays confirm it is broken. She has to keep a splint on it for two weeks and can't play soccer during those two weeks, and then has to have it checked and if it has healed well can play in the last game. And no P.E., either so she is really bummed.

She's worried that she won't be able to do her school work, she's in the middle of what the kids call W-Awful testing, which is actually WASL testing, our state's No Child Left Behind thing. Next week is the third and final week, and I don't know how she is going to write properly with her hand all splinted and wrapped. I suppose I shouldn't worry too much, she's only in 4th grade.

So, anyway, had to make 2 trips to town today, once for Tobias to work with his dance instructor for his recital solo and then again to the doctor's office. Had to make a co-pay of $15 and did end up having to use my roll of quarters to put gas in the gas tank, for the unexpected trip, but I am putting ten dollars in to the freezer money account tomorrow to replace it. I think I will take my aluminum cans in tomorrow when I do my banking and shopping, so I can deposit that money, too.

Tomorrow is payday and it can't come too soon for me. Today was the electronic funds transfer of $10 into long term savings, bringing that to the $185 I mentioned last night.

I am going to be able to send for a survey check tomorrow, too as everything I've done so far has now come through and I have hit the $40 mark it requires for a check. If I read their thing right, it should come the first week of June.

Today was 60, not much wind, but I hung a load of laundry anyway and the towels that were in the rain yesterday where almost dry by night. I think they ended up wetter then when I hung them up in the first place. But tomorrow is supposed to be like today so I can hang more.

I signed up for a freebie today and that is about it on the frugal zone.

2 Responses to “Rose Broke Her Finger”

  1. contrary1 Says:

    Rose should qualify to have someone write the answers for her. Might need a note from the Dr. It might make her more concerned to have someone "give" her the test......... I had one in a cast once, and he got someone to assist. They did need to take the tests in a seperate area, since my guy had to verbally answer, then his helper wrote them down.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    I am so sorry for poor Rose! Having just gone through this with DD3's arm, I really understand! And the novelty wore off fast! No soccer for her either and no PE, no running, jumping, anything! Like telling a child not to breathe! And the writing is terrible! I bet they would let someone help her if she could'nt do it. Good luck!

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