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Reworking the Budget

August 5th, 2019 at 12:11 pm

I have just finished making the budget for August and reworking some things. I decided to up the grocery budget to $500 every two weeks since we are heading towards Paleo eating. I don't know if we will go 100%, but I am going to try gluten free baking. All of the flours are more expensive than normal flours.

Aside from that, prices are starting to rise in the stores. Some places are having food shortages, a result of the flooding in the middle states. It mostly seems to be peas, green beans, and corn. Also, dairy has gone up, probably due to all the slaughtered dairy cows not being around to make enough butter and cheese.

I am using Melanie Lynn's gluten free flour recipe. It has no carageenen, guar gum, or xanthum gum in it.
She spent years developing her flour mix and recipes and they look just like the real thing. It's a completely different way of dealing with fat and flour than normal baking. She didn't want to have gritty, tasteless food or rely on iffy ingredients. I have been happily reading her website for the past week and am looking forward to trying some of her recipes. I've followed her for years on youtube.

Also, I doubled the amount of the gas budget. If DH is going out fishing/crabbing/prawning he does need to contribute to the boat for the gas. Once fishing season is over I will revert to our normal gas budget.

So that means that I will only be paying Mom $1600 a month instead of $1800. Even at that amount we will still be out of debt next year. We do plan to put any Christmas bonus and our tax return on the debt, too. Last year's Christmas bonus was around $800 after taxes and he only was a direct employee for 6 months. This year he will have worked 12 months and he will have been working at a higher wage during those 12 months. The bonus is based on a percentage of your salary and hours worked. So I think we will see double that, probably more. It would be nice to throw an extra $1800 at it. But no counting chickens just yet.

1 Responses to “Reworking the Budget”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I know I need to up our grocery budget. We go over routinely now; I think prices gradually increased and the kids' appetites got bigger over time. Right now I take the overage out of shared spending (or add to our shared spending deficit if that's where we are), but it'd be nice to just have it budgeted for and not feel like we're missing the mark every week.

    It's a tough time for it income-wise, but I'll at least look at it when I start prepping the annual budget for 2020...

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