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An ARGH Kind of Day

July 10th, 2019 at 09:18 pm

That stupid deer still managed to jump the fence and get into the garden. Is it wrong of me to keep thinking how good he would look in my freezer? He is an awfully big fellow. Along with his brother, that would provide a lot of meat for the family. No, I know I can't do that. Deer season isn't until November and you can't discharge a firearm within city limits. *sighs* I am only half joking. He ate all the Romenescu heads.

All these years and I have never had trouble with deer. This is just so frustrating. It is going to be a bad produce year nationwide. I am growing to get stuff in the freezer and canned, not to be an all you can eat buffet to the local critters. This is one of the problems with living near a several acre wooded park. This thing is costing me money and taking food out of my family's mouths.

Maybe we will just have to build cages for all of the raised beds. Well, not the onions. They aren't touching the onions. Or the zucchini, herbs, cucumbers, or tomatoes. Just the brassicas. I do worry about the corn and green beans when they get big enough to produce, though.

Went to the gastro doctor's office and saw the P.A. about DD's liver tumor. She hadn't even looked at the MRI results. I was miffed. She's going to get back to us by Friday after she talks to the radiologist and consults the doctor, which usually means Monday or Tuesday. I was very clear when I made the appointment what we needed to talk about. I am sick of waiting rooms, sick of medical personnel falling down on the job, and sick of my daughter being sick and no one being able to figure out the underlying cause of all this crap that is happening to her body. Pardon my language. I am very frustrated today.

3 Responses to “An ARGH Kind of Day”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    ((Hugs)) You are definitely dealing with frustrating issues!

  2. Joanne Says:

    So sorry that your daughter is not feeling well. I agree that the PA should have looked at the MRI. That must be so frustrating to not have an answer. I hope that you hear back soon this week.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    So sorry the deer is using your garden as a buffet. There's some stuff my husband uses to keep the bunnies and chipmunks from eating his garden and it is supposedly to be used to deer as well. It is Liquid Fence or something like that and I know Lowe's sells it. We only have Lowe's and Menards in our city, so not sure if it is sold at other stores. It's basically rotten eggs and garlic and it doesn't hurt the plants, but sure makes a stink for awhile.

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