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Not Much to Report Today

October 31st, 2012 at 10:02 pm

I went down to the courthouse today and paid the property tax. I was off by $6.44, but I had plenty in checking to cover that. I'm glad I checked it beforehand and didn't just write it out for the amount I thought it was, which was actually last year's half year amount. I guess I didn't update that on one of the spreadsheets.

I also went to the library while I was down there. It is across from the courthouse. I had two books on hold, Why Gender Matters and The Artist's Way. I need to hurry and get through the book I'm reading now. I wasn't expecting the holds to come in so soon since I was a ways down the list.

I paid 50 cents for parking and $1 on library fines. Oops.


We ended the day with as many birds as we started the day with, always a good thing. No duck egg today, either. I think Lady is still freaked out. Five chicken eggs though. I'm going to have to make a meatloaf and a quiche to use up some eggs.


I think I am finally almost over my cold/infection/flu/general case of the yucks. I still am a little stuffy but that might be allergies. Still a little draggy, but that's probably just general tiredness. I hope.


I am really looking forward to payday Friday. We finally get to start making forward progress again now that the medical is paid off. I am so sick of debt. I just want to be done.

1 Responses to “Not Much to Report Today”

  1. snafu Says:

    Great progress meeting all your goals! Way to go! Wonderful to have an abundance of eggs. We rarely make eggs for breakfast but enjoy egg based dishes for dinner. I've challenged myself with souffle, eggs benedict, egg foo yung, egg strata, Avgolemomo [Greek lemon soup] and more basic french toast, potato egg bake, pickled eggs, devilled eggs, custard, shirred, muffins and egg salad over a variety of bread & rolls. I'm too lazy to make rolls but if I get to the grocers early enough I go through their on site bakery and buy one of each available. It makes a terrific layout for little effort.

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