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Ready for Autumn Now

September 8th, 2011 at 09:18 pm

We've had temps that have hit the 80's almost daily for the past week. I am melting in this heat. It's September in the PNW. It's supposed to be rainy and cool or at the most 70 with a breeze. It's hard in a house with no A/C, and my mother does not have the sort of windows that work with the window units from our old house. We didn't use them much, but on days like this we would. I'm doing my best with keeping curtains closed during the day and running the fans all night with open windows, but it can only do so much. It is nice not to have an electric bill that goes alone with A/C, but right now I'm not sure I care that much.

Today after school I took my daughter to buy her jazz shoes for her musical theater class. Oh, my gosh, size 12. She's surpassed me. I know jazz shoes run a little small, but still. Anyway, the shoes cost $37.99. Ouch. They were half that two years ago.

After DS got out of school we went up to Office Max to buy the remainder of the school supplies now that both kids have complete lists. Well, mostly. I still have to get a tissue box and a hand held pencil sharpener. I had to buy two scientific calculators. They were $18 each. I told them if they lost them or broke them they were replacing them out of their allowances.

DS's tournament entry fee is going to cost $65. He's going to do the yellow belt poomse. DH will be home to do the driving. It's only in Marysville so not too far away, but still more than I want to drive if I don't have to. I went in with him to his class tonight. He's amazingly focused and disciplined. It's a far cry from how he used to be. I stayed for the whole class though my back was yelling at me by the end. Next time I think I will stay in the car with the seat reclined until the last ten minutes of the class. I'm just not capable of sitting on those hard benches for so long yet. Instructor seems to think he has a good chance at a silver medal.

Day 2 of my diet went okay. The scale was down .6 of a pound this morning. No cravings. Not as much hunger as yesterday, but I definitely have a killer carb withdrawal headache. I don't think it's caffeine withdrawal because I was only drinking one can of Pepsi Throwback a day.

I still haven't remembered to go to CU #2 for the Safety Net deposit. I have it in my purse and everything but I am such a ditz right now with all the other stuff I have to remember. I have $300 left for the next week until payday. I'm going to go ahead and let them take the security system payment out of that amount instead of transferring the money from the holding tank, then I'll sweep the money I set aside for it into the EF. Hopefully I will remember to do both tomorrow.

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